Course Syllabus

Montrose Elementary School

Mary Young



Welcome to my digital classroom!  I am looking forward to getting to know and working with each one of you this year!  We are going to learn a lot this year!


I love our Bexley Schools and community! I am a lifelong eastside resident and Montrose alumni.  I attended Montrose K-6, which is where my love of teaching and learning began.  I earned my Bachelor's at Capital University, completed my student teaching at Montrose and began my career as a substitute in Bexley.  After subbing for a time I accepted a position at Bexley United Methodist Preschool where I started teaching our youngest learners!  After 3 years at BUMP I moved home to Montrose! 


Schedule Overview

Our days are filled with lots of reading, writing, word work, math, science, and social studies!  Here is what a typical day looks like:

8:25am Arrival

8:45am News Show

9:00am Morning Meeting

9:15am Math Workshop

10:00am Snack & Story

10:15am Specials (these vary by day)

11:10am Word Work/Literacy Centers

11:45am Lunch & Recess

12:55pm Read Aloud

1:15pm Reading Workshop

1:45pm Writing Workshop

2:15pm Science/Social Studies

2:45pm Free Choice

3:10pm Dismissal


Parent Communications:  
I can be reached at the email address listed above.  Please allow 24 hours for me to get back to you.  If you send an email over the weekend I will follow-up shortly after the weekend, or earlier if I’m available.  If at any time you would like to schedule an in person or a telephone conference call with me please let me know as we work together to organize a schedule.  

If there is something significant impacting your student's well being please consider letting me know so I may make adjustments if needed to their workload.  As it may impact their learning and others.

Parents and Canvas: 
Please sign-up for a parent account into Canvas.  A parent/observer account will enable you to view classroom notices, assignments, resource lists, and more.  It's important that you have your own account and not use your student's login.  Privacy of student information and interactions are covered by Federal Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA). Your account permits you to see your student's work.  Your parent Canvas account will work across all buildings and classrooms that your children are in at Bexley Schools.

How to Sign-Up: Please use a desktop or laptop computer to sign-up initially, not a mobile device.  Go to the Canvas page ( click on Parent of a Canvas user.  Enter in the information asked for and then have your child enter in their Canvas/Network username and passcode.  Passcodes are unique to each student, this is why you’ll need your child with you when you initially setup your Canvas account or when adding another student.  An email will be set which you'll click in the finish the registration process.  Once you’re registered in the system you can add additional children under your Account, Settings, Observing.  Canvas provides you with one place to view and access course and classroom information across the multiple schools and classrooms.  Here is a website that describes the features available to the observer role.

Classroom Rules:
 The school-wide rules covered in the student handbook will also be used in this class.  

We created a class constitution in the beginning of the year as a whole class.  The rules that we established are our promises to each other.  They include:

  • Respect ourselves
  • Respect eachother
  • Respect our school

* The class also follows the "One, Two, Three Magic"    reminders.

 * 1 - a warning to stop inappropriate behavior

 * 2 - a second warning

 * 3 - a 5 minute cool off time away from the group.

* Reinforcement is always positive!

Parent Volunteers

All are welcome!  Opportunities may include reading aloud, working with small groups, and making once in a while copies.  Please email or call me to set up a time if you are interested in sharing your time and talents with us!


Homework is given a few times a week.  This includes reading books from our books baggies, practicing words from our sight word ring, and the occasional special project.  Weekly homework assignments and project descriptions can be found in the newsletter on my homepage or in your student's home to school folder. 



 **This syllabus is subject to change at any time. 
If this occurs, you will be informed of the change immediately.

Course Summary:

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