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Montrose Elementary School

Miss McCarrick 

First Grade 



Welcome to Miss McCarrick's First Grade Classroom

Montrose Elementary School

Entering first grade is a very special and important time.  Each child and parent is often filled with great enthusiasm and, perhaps, some anxiety as they anticipate the growth that will take place in the months ahead.  There is the incredible progression in fluency in reading and writing as well as an increased and broadened understanding of numbers and their relationships and functions.  There is also astounding emotional and social growth as each child is guided and strives to understand many new things.


The responsibility of the parent and teacher in this process is both rewarding and daunting and requires the deepest of commitments, tremendous nurturing, support, encouragement, teaching, limit setting, consistency and good solid communications between home and school.  It is a great joy to share in this most sublime of endeavors.

Writing Workshop

During writing workshop the children are actively engaged in writing based upon units of study.  Mini-lessons, conferencing and small group instruction assist the children in developing their skills and growing as writers.  The children build stamina as they increase the length of time they write each day.

Reading Workshop

During reading workshop children are actively engaged in reading "just right" books as individuals and with partners based upon units of study.  They also receive reading instruction through mini-lessons, strategy lessons and guided reading.  The children build stamina as they increase the length of time they read each day and throughout the year.


In math the children explore and develop an understanding of the concepts outlined in the common core standards.  They do so through the use of manipulatives, direct instruction and a variety of games and problem solving activities. 


The children will bring home reading and/or math to complete each evening.  We believe that there is no substitute for reading aloud to your child and that, even during these busy times, it is important to make time for it every evening and on weekends.




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