Course Syllabus



Mrs. Rogers'

Second Grade Class

Montrose Elementary



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Second grade is a wonderful year of

 sharing, learning and discovering! 




Each day students will have opportunities to interact with books in various ways. This may include independent reading, guided reading, literature groups, shared reading and read aloud. We love sharing books with our students and hope to guide them in choosing "just right" books for themselves. The children will be exposed to fiction and nonfiction as well as many authors and genres. We hope they learn to share our love of books.


Second graders love to tell stories. We want to help children express their ideas each day in Writing Workshop. We will encourage children to add details to their writing that give the reader a mental picture. This will be developed within these four units of study: Personal Narrative Writing, Informational Writing, Opinion Writing, and Poetry.


The children will explore and develop an understanding of the concepts outlined in the common core standards. They do so through the use of manipulatives, direct instruction, journal writing, and a variety of games and problem solving activities.


The children will bring home reading and math each evening. We believe for optimal growth, children should have eyes on print for 20 -30 minutes each night. Reading aloud while discussing books and characters is not only treasured gift, but will help with comprehension and inferential work.









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