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Bienvenue chez Madame Nakasako! Welcome to French 7!


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"Language is far more than a system to be explained. It is our most important link to the world around us. Language is culture in motion." (Savignon)

French 7/ Mme. Nakasako (Room 3202)                                            Fall 2016


Bienvenue au Français 7!


Welcome to French 7! This year you will learn basic French, with a focus on developing communicative skills and learning about the cultures of French-speaking countries. Please read through the policies for this class, so that you know what is expected of you this year and to make French 7 rewarding and enjoyable for all of us.


Classroom policies.

  1. Be prepared and on time. Be in your seat, working on the opening activity when the bell rings. Use the time before the bell to go to the bathroom and collect any materials you need. Being prepared means having all necessary materials and being ready to listen and speak in FRENCH!.
  2. Participate fully. Learning a language is NOT a spectator sport: you need to use the language to learn it. Participation in classroom activities, both oral and written, directly affects your success.
  3. Listen attentively. Listen politely to whoever is speaking. Listen carefully to directions, the FIRST time. Listen to your classmates’ contributions.
  4. Minimize distractions. If you need to use the bathroom, to sharpen your pencil or have some other need, choose the time appropriately to ask. Do not ask during direct instruction. Take care of needs at the beginning of class.
  5. Be respectful and cooperative. Respect other’s views. Do not touch other students or their belongings. Work with your classmates and me, and class will run smoothly.
  6. No food, drink (except water) or phones during class (unless specified by me). School language department policy is that you place your phone in the appropriate secured location at the beginning of class.


There will be progressive consequences if you choose to not follow the policies. These start at a warning and may progress to detention, removal from the classroom and conference with Mr. Caudill and/or your parents.


  1. Grading.

Each grading period your grade will be made up of the following:

    • Classwork and participation in activities

             Quizzes and assessments

  •        Homework.
  • a. Participation/Class work :
  • Class activities will be graded on effort, participation and achievement. To be successful, you need to speak French and complete class activities in your notebook. You will be able to earn “les tickets” for various class activities from time to time, for winning games, for exceptional efforts in classwork and homework and for good citizenship. Les tickets will go towards a prize-winning raffle each quarter.
  • b. Quizzes and assessments :  Graded and ungraded formative quizzes will be given regularly and there will be a summative assessment task at the end of each unit. Quizzes will test vocabulary, grammar etc as we are learning it. The end of unit assessments will assess how students can use the French language competently in authentic situations, and will be oral and/or written. Regular in-class formative assessments will allow students to assess what they know and what they need to study before the summative task.
  • **Students will be able to rework quizzes, tests and major assignments to demonstrate mastery, provided they obtain extra help first.**
  • c. Homework  Daily practice is what will help you master French. You are expected to spend 10-15 minutes daily on homework, vocabulary practice, review etc. Resources and suggestions will be given for this. You will turn in graded homework assignments every MONDAY. You will be given a choice board of assignments to choose from the previous week. Late work will not receive full credit, so you need to plan ahead. All assignments and due dates will be posted in class and on Canvas.
  • Study Buddy   
  • Take the name and contact details of two students in the class who you can contact if you are unsure of the homework assignment or if you want to practice together outside of class.
  • Name ____________________________________ contact _________________________
  • Name ____________________________________ contact __________________________

5. Materials

  • Textbook : French is Fun, Book 1. Students will be assigned their own copy of the book that will be used for French 7 and French 8. They can be kept in the classroom and taken home when necessary. Replacement cost of the text is $20. Other materials : You will also need a pen/pencil
  • Notebook : All your classwork is to be done in a sturdy spiral-bound notebook. We will spend time setting this up at the beginning of the year, so it becomes a resource and reference for you. Keep it in the French section of your binder, along with any handouts, and bring it to class every day. Spot-checks will be done to see that your notebook is complete
  • Questions/Problems If you have questions about the work we are covering in class, please ask questions right away, in and after class, or e-mail me. I will be available in my room during study hall and after school. If your parents wish to talk to me, they may leave me a voicemail message (614) 237-4277 or (preferably) email me.

Sign below and show this syllabus to your parents. Keep it in your binder. You will have a copy of class policies to keep in your notebook for reference when we set up notebooks.

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Dear Parent/Guardian,


Please read through these policies, discuss them with your child and answer the few questions below. If you have any questions or comments for me, please write them below or contact me by e-mail or phone. Please feel free to contact me at any time, if you have concerns about your child.


I look forward to challenging, rewarding and fun classes with your child this year, and I hope to see you at Curriculum Night on August 30, 2016. Merci beaucoup!

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