Course Syllabus

Spanish 8 Syllabus

                                              Pam Connell


Spanish 8 is the second half of Spanish I.  In this class, we continue to emphasize communication skills, pronounce words and sentences by imitating the teacher or technologically delivered material.  We learn to ask and answer questions to obtain information, make simple sentences of description, read and write basic sentences and paragraphs as well as listen and respond to sentences and brief passages. 


If you receive a grade lower than a 70% on a summative assessment, you should meet with the instructor for review and clarification of the information.  At that time a date will be set for retakes.  You can only earn up to the 70%.


The sequence and scope of material follows:

            1st 9 weeks 

 Leccion Preliminar     This is more of an overview that touches on the following topics.


Difference between tú and usted                   Days of the week

Alphabet                                                         Weather

Location of Spanish speaking countries         Beginning vocabulary

Alphabet                                                         Low numbers

 Chapter 1     Lesson 1                                                

Names of activities

Ser the verb (to be)     used to tell where a person is from

Gustar (to like)            used to say what you like

Vocabulary for pastimes, activities

                        Lesson 2

Definite and Indefinite Articles,  (“the” vs “a”)

Noun - Adjective agreement   Masculine and feminine, Plural and singular

Vocabulary  adjectives to describe people

                     Nouns for describing people ( man, woman, child, girl, boy, etc.)

                      Phrases to describe hair color

Chapter 2     Lesson 1

Telling time

Verb tener ( to have)

Numbers to 100

Frequency words ( often, always, once in a while, sometimes, etc)

AR verbs  (conjugations)       

Vocabulary     Activities mostly AR verbs

                        Frequency words

                        Time expressions

                        Lesson 2

Estar conjugation, when to use it)      Location and Feelings

Ir        the verb “to go” + “a”

Vocabulary for the classroom  objects

            Location words


            Feeling words

            A few question words

Chapter 3          Lesson 1                                                       

Gustar with nouns                                          

ER, IR   verb conjugations                                        

Question words

Vocabulary   for some food

                      Question words

                      Some tener expressions                       

                        Lesson 2

Possessive adjectives

How to write the date  (months)

How to make comparisons (taller, funnier, more studious, etc.)

Vocabulary for numbers in the 100’s

                        Family members

                        Telling ages

                        Comparison words 

Chapter 4        Lesson 1                                                         

Additional tener expressions

E – IE stem changing verbs                           

Direct Object Pronouns         

Vocabulary    Clothing and colors     


                        Various stem changing verbs 

 2nd nine weeks 

Chapter 5

Quizlet Practice

Course Summary:

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