Course Syllabus

Math 7 

Mr. Frank & Mr. Goolsby * 


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What Is Math 7? 

In one phrase, this class is about problem solving. Math, at its best, allows us to look at a problem and describe it using numbers. Those numbers can then be operated on in order to find a solution to our problem. In Math 7, students will use many types of numbers to solve many types of problems. Specifically, we will examine: 

  • How to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers and fractions; 
  • How a proportion can describe an amount and a rate of change; 
  • How quantities change over time and how to describe that change; 
  • How to figure out how big something is using area and volume; 
  • How likely it is for certain things to happen. 


How Will This Class Work? 

We learn the best when we are learning collaboratively. There will be days we spend taking notes. There will also be many days we spend working together to figure out how to solve problems. The biggest thing I will ask of you students is that you are willing to work together and be generous with your intelligence. Spread it around!  


What Materials Do You Need?

You can’t be successful if you’re not prepared. Here are the supplies you need for this class. Please note, if you’ve already purchased these materials, there is no need to buy more!

  • Spiral or composition notebook (we may end up using more than one this year)
  • 1.5-inch 3-ring binder (can be shared with another subject)
  • Pocket folder for math
  • TI-30x calculator or equivalent
  • Pencils
  • Loose leaf graph paper


Class Expectations & Rules 

We have 3 simple rules in this class. We can create more if we need to. 

  1. Come to class on time and prepared to work when the bell rings. 
  2. Ask questions of each other and your teachers. 
  3. Do not interfere in the learning of others. 


Need Help? 

Any time you need help, you can find Mr. Goolsby or Mr. Frank during our 6th period plan, 7th period study center before school, after school or at another time we set up together.  


Grades on PowerSchool 

I post grades on PowerSchool regularly and quickly. Please check those often and if you aren’t sure about something, just ask! 


How We Grade 

Our class is using Standards-Based Grading (SBG) this school year. SBG allows teachers to communicate more clearly with students and parents about students’ understanding through the grading progress. Grades will be assigned based on student performance on quizzes and tests with respect to the appropriate learning standard. Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate high-level understanding of each standard. 


Do We Have Homework in This Class? 

Yes. Homework is assigned most nights. It may sometimes be collected for a completion grade. The #1 best way to do great in this class is to do your homework every time it’s assigned and to come to class ready with questions on problems you didn’t understand. 


Miss Time? Get Caught Up & Use Canvas! 

When you miss class, please find any handouts you may have missed in the back of the room. Also, check Canvas for notes and any other instructions from the day. I will use Canvas regularly to communicate with students, to post keys, and otherwise update students and parents about the course. Check it often.

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