Course Syllabus

Ms. Hall

7th Grade Individuals and Societies


Welcome to 7th Grade World History!


This course is a survey of the history of the world and its societies from 750 B.C. to 1600 A.D.: Ancient Greece to the First Global Age. All four state social studies strands are used to illustrate how historic events are shaped by geographic, social, cultural, economic and political factors.  7th grade World History students will develop their understanding of how ideas and events from the past have shaped the world today. Areas and cultures studied include Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China and Japan. 


Unit A – Ancient Greece and Rome                                  Unit E- Medieval Africa

Unit B – Medieval Europe                                              Unit F- Medieval China

Unit C – Renaissance and Reformation                          Unit G- Medieval Japan

Unit D – Islamic Civilization


The texts used in this class are Glencoe’s World History Journey Across Time:

The Early Ages andHistory Alive: The Medieval World and Beyond from

Teachers’ Curriculum Institute.  (Chapters  1-8, and parts of 9 & 10 of Journey Across Time are used by the sixth-grade classes of Bexley, while this course will use chapters 9, 10, & 11-18.)  We will also use other supplemental materials, both document and web based.  This class follows all State of Ohio and International Baccalaureate guidelines for study.  In addition, we will participate in several videoconferences with experts and will engage in a service learning project.


Students and parents should check my webpage on Canvas for information regarding class, assignments,  links to important websites, uploaded copies of worksheets, and much more.


You can be trusted to…


Be on time and ready to go when the bell rings!

Bring the following to class each day:

- assignment notebook

-Pen, Pencil and lined, loose leaf paper

-Completed homework, with heading, name and date

-3 ring binder/folder  

Be attentive and copy down your assignment at the start of class.

Get involved in class.


7th grade World History grading policy:

  1. Assignments need to be turned in on time to receive full credit (unless otherwise explained).
  2. Homework assignments and projects are due at the beginning of class (unless otherwise explained).  You will have temporarily earned a zero in my grade book.  I do accept late work for (sometimes for full, sometimes for reduced credit) if the assignment is completed within two weeks or at my discretion. You have the opportunity to come get help and/or turn in assignments during study hall.
  3. If you earn a grade lower than 70% on a summative assessment you will have the opportunity to receive re-teaching and re-assessment.  The times that these will occur will be announced in class following each assessment or you may arrange to work with me in a timely manner.
  4. If absent, it is your responsibility to see me regarding what you missed.  You have the amount of school days as the number of days you were absent to hand in make-up work.  
  5. Grades will be determined by total points earned during the grading period.  Please check PowerSchool regularly for updated grade reports.
  6. In-class work/participation will be graded as well.  Up to three points a week may be earned for class participation (raising hands to contribute, doing all in-class work, following class expectations, coming to class prepared, etc.).
  7. Each nine weeks students are eligible to earn up to 8 points of extra credit.  Information to come…




You will need the following…

   -3 ring binder for notes and journaling

   -loose-leaf paper for homework

   -pens and pencils

    -markers or colored pencils (some days)

     -assignment notebook

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