Course Syllabus

Mr. Melville

Course Syllabus- Design 8



General Overview:  This is a 9-week course.  Our curriculum is Project Lead The Way- Automation and Robotics.


Course Expectations:  I expect all students to come to class prepared and willing to learn. 

Homework:  Homework will be minimal.  Students who have multiple absences may need to come in during Activity Period or before school to complete projects.


Web Site:  The web site ( is an excellent way for parents to stay up to date with their child’s class experience through Canvas and PowerSchool.  Typically, grades will be updated by Monday morning.


Grading Policy:  Grading will be on a point system. 


A:  93-100                   C:  73-76

A-:  90-92                    C-:  70-72       

B+:  87-89                   D+:  67-69

B:  83-86                     D:  63-66

B-:  80-82                    D-:  60-62

C+:  77-79                   F:  below 60


Communication:        Phone:  237-4277 x6567

                                    Best way→Email:



Class Rules:  All “rules” stem naturally from the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  For instance, do not talk while someone else is talking.  Observance of this rule should be sufficient for successful behavior.


Discipline:  Students will be disciplined with dignity, but with high expectations. 


Summary:  The main goals of Design class are to challenge each and every student and to help everyone enjoy and appreciate design and engineering.  I am here to help you reach your fullest potential.  I encourage all students to seek me out for help whenever necessary.  Activity Period and Study Hall are the best times for me to give one-on-one help.


I consider it a privilege to be your Design teacher this year and I’m looking forward to an awesome 9 weeks in BMS Design!


-Mr. Chris Melville

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