Course Syllabus

Welcome to Geometry!

Mrs. Peppercorn 

(614) 231-4591


Rules & Expectations

  • Be respectful. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Be supportive of each other
  • Be a thinker and a hard worker
  • Do your best work
  • Be ready to go by the tardy bell! Get ready paper, pencil, notes, book, homework, etc.


Required Materials – Bring these every day! (If you have a problem attaining any of these items, see me by the end of the week to solve this problem.) 

  • Book, Pencil, Paper
  • Notebook – We will have guidelines for organization, but you’ll need either a one-inch 3-ring binder (strongly recommended) OR a notebook with a folder
  • Calculator – some version of the TI-84: TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver, TI-84 Plus C Silver, TI-84 Plus CE, etc.


How you will be graded

  • Tests & Quizzes (85%) – Quizzes will be worth around 15 points, and tests will be worth 100 points.
  • Homework and In-Class Work (15%) – Homework will be checked several times a week and worth 5 points each based on completion and quality of work. You must show work to receive full credit on an assignment. We will also complete problems and tasks frequently during class, either individually or in small groups. Points awarded for in-class work will vary depending on the assignment, and will be based on completion and quality of work.


Homework Expectations

  • Use pencil.
  • Write your name, the assignment, and date assigned at the top of the page.
  • Show all work, including the original problem, writing neatly enough that your work would make sense to another student. No Work = No Credit!!
  • Attempt all problems.
  • Check your answers in the back of the book if applicable and rework incorrect problems.
  • Make a note of problem(s) you had trouble with and ask for help when we go over the homework the next day in class. We most likely will not have time to go over every problem!
  • To access the online textbook, go to and select the correct book.

            Username:  bexgeometry

            Password:  ilovemath



A note about late homework

Homework assignments turned in late will receive partial credit up until the time of the unit assessment for the related material; after that, late homework will not be given any points.  Learning lunch may be assigned for incomplete/missing assignments.


Academic Integrity

Your integrity is more important than your grade. Always. You may neither give nor receive unauthorized aid before, during, and after assessments. All homework and classwork assignments, and work on tests and quizzes, should be your own work.  There is a difference between working together and copying another student’s work (this includes online resources, the back of the book, etc.). We will continue to discuss this important issue in the coming weeks.  Violations (on homework, tests, quizzes, etc.) will be handled according to BHS policy.


Phones and other devices

Phones and other personal electronic devices (except for the approved calculator for this course!), should be away and off during class, tests, and quizzes, unless told otherwise. If your phone becomes a distraction and is getting in the way of your learning, the following consequences will follow:


            First Offense               Confiscation for the period

            Second Offense          Confiscation for the day

            Third Offense             Confiscation for the day and parent contact

            Fourth Offense           Confiscation, parent contact, and phone must be turned into the “parking lot” by the tardy bell for the remainder of the quarter


We’ll use these devices as an important resource, but not let it get in the way of our learning. In addition, earbuds and headphones must be kept away during class.



You are responsible for getting the notes, homework, etc. from when you were absent.  Assignments will be posted on Canvas daily, and notes will be found under files and organized by chapter. You have one day to make up work for every day you were absent.


Food and drink in the classroom?

Nope! The exception is water, in bottles with lids.


Extra Help

I am available at math help each morning from 7:20-7:50 and after school until 3:35 (in my room) every day. There will also be math help during the second half of lunch. 


Additional information for students regarding extra help:

Preparation:  When you come for extra help, you must be prepared to ask specific questions. Here is what you should do BEFORE you come for extra help:

  1. Read your notes for information.
  2. Revisit homework problems you've already successfully completed.
  3. Choose a problem that best represents the difficulty you are having.
    However, if you were absent, do the following before coming for math help:
  4. Together, we'll work on the problem to find out what part of the material you are stuck on.
  1. Copy the notes you missed from another student who was in class.
  2. Try the homework problems listed on the assignment page. Use the copied notes as a reference!
  3. THEN, come for extra help with the copied notes and attempted homework problems. I will help you with what you are struggling with from when you missed in class.


Note to Parents

I am very excited to get to know and work with your child this year in Geometry.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, the best way to contact me is by email at



Geometry Contract


Student: I have read the Geometry course outline, understand it, and will abide by these guidelines.


_______________________________                     _________________________________

Student Signature                                                      Student E-mail



Student Name (printed)


Parent: I have read the Geometry course outline and discussed it with my child.  I understand it and will support it. 


_______________________________                     _________________________________

Parent Signature                                                        Parent E-mail



Parent phone number for daytime phone calls


Parent, do you prefer communication via phone or email? Please circle one:  Phone    Email


I am looking forward to working with your student this year!  If there is anything I should know about how to best support his/her success from the start, please feel free to share it here or through email…Thank you!





Please complete, sign, and return only the contract portion of this sheet by Monday, August 22.  Students should keep the other pages in their notebook for reference.

Course Summary:

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