Course Syllabus

Honors Geometry                                                                                          

Mr. Willcoxon


I'll hand out a Protractor, Compass and THE Geometer; we'll discuss fees in class


BE ON TIME & BE PRESENT:class starts when the bell rings and work for 50 minutes; restroom use will be allowed, but limited


BRING YOUR BOOK, HANDOUTS, GRAPH PAPER, GRAPHING CALCULATOR, GEOMETRY TOOLS & PENCIL : it is difficult to learn without the proper tools


HOMEWORK 7.5%, QUIZZES 12.5% & TESTS 80% : homework each night & no re-takes on tests and quizzes


ASK QUESTIONS : our mathematics classroom is driven by questions, discussions and exploration


EXTRA HELP before school and during the 2nd half of lunch : 

Math Help is available before school from 7:00 - 7:50, Monday - Friday in room 4310.

Math Help is available during the 2nd half of lunch from 12:07 - 12:32, Monday - Thursday in room 4311.

Math Help is available after school from 3:15 - 3:40, Monday - Friday in room 4311.


ATTITUDE & EFFORT IS THE BATTLE : The longer I teach, the more I believe this statement


There is an online copy of the book at (Links to an external site.).  Click on Math/High School/Ohio.  The username is bexleygeom and the password is ilovemath (be sure to select the 2007 edition of the textbook).  Once logged in, click on online book in the lower left corner.  The pace and rigor of this course may be intimidating at first.  You must complete assignments AND study before tests (even if you did well without both/either in the past).

Course Summary:

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