Course Syllabus

Contemporary                                                                                                                        Mr. Harvie & Mr. Willcoxon


BE ON TIME & BE PRESENT: class starts when the bell rings and work for 50 minutes; restroom use will be allowed, but limited


BRING YOUR BOOK, HANDOUTS, GRAPH PAPER, GRAPHING CALCULATOR & PENCIL : it is difficult to learn without the proper tools


HOMEWORK 10%, QUIZZES 15% & TESTS 75% : homework each night & no re-takes on tests and quizzes


ASK QUESTIONS : our mathematics classroom is driven by questions, discussions and exploration



Math Help is available before school from 7:00 - 7:50, Monday - Friday in room 4310.

Math Help is available during the 2nd half of lunch from 12:07 - 12:32, Monday - Thursday in room 4311.

Math Help is available after school from 3:15 - 3:40, Monday - Friday in room 4311.

ATTITUDE & EFFORT IS THE BATTLE : The longer we teach, the more we believe this statement


There are no online copies of the books or resources.

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